Our Menu

The Full Experience!

3 Taco Meal

Three Birria tacos, a side of rice and beans, and a hot cup of our delicious birria consomé

Mini Tortas Meal

Two mini Tortas, your choice of side, and a drink

Breakfast Menu


Fresh tortilla chips smothered in either our red or green salsa, your choice of protein, queso fresco, sour cream, onions, & a side of black beans. Add an egg on top.

Breakfast Tacos

Fresh handmade flour tortillas with beans, cheese, and your choice of add-ons

Taco ‘bout loving what you eat…

Birria Quesitaco (Lamb/Beef)

Crunchy taco with mozzarella cheese stained in a delicious red salsa for extra flavor

Mulita (Lamb/Beef)

Crunchy red tortilla covered in cheese and lamb/beef birria with another cheesy red tortilla layered on top

Mini Tortas (Lamb/Beef)

Two mini Mexican French breads topped with refried beans, mozzarella cheese, and lamb/beef birria, now that’s a sandwich! Don’t forget to add cilantro and onion to your meal for that extra flavor.

Flautas (Lamb/Beef)

Enjoy our one of a kind rolled tacos filled with lamb/beef birria and cheese fried to perfection. The plate comes with 4 birria flautas along with a side of rice and beans. So crunchy, it will have you wanting more. (Cheese can be excluded upon request)

Ketotaco (Lamb/Beef)

Crunchy taco with a mozzarella outer shell substituting the tortilla

Huarache (Lamb/Beef)

The popular Mexican dish with a twist, consisting of masa dough in an oblong shape, topped with refried beans, lamb/beef birria, and mozzarella cheese. The perfect combination to satisfy your taste buds.

Large Quesadilla (Lamb/Beef)

Designed to fulfill the ones with big appetite, we have an extra large version of our quesitacos but with an extra large flour tortilla. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Birria Bowl (Lamb/Beef)

Enjoy a bowl of delicious consome along with 8oz of lamb/beef birria and three corn tortillas. The traditional way of eating Birria in Mexico before the crunchy tacos came to LA. Let’s just say this is the cure to a bad hangover, forget the morning coffee!



Don’t forget to dip your tacos into our delicious birria consomé! This delicious broth is unique with flavors topped with cilantro and lime for the finishing touch. But hurry! This liquid gold is very limited, unlike others, there’s no added water!

Rice and beans

Make any item into a meal with our rice and beans bundle, they make the perfect duo!

Mexican rice

Our delicious Mexican rice or red rice, made from white rice, tomatoes, and other delicious healthy ingredients to complement any dish.

Refried Beans

Enjoy our delicious refried beans with any of our dishes, topped with queso fresco.

Sour cream - 2 oz.

Guacamole - 2 oz.


Chips w/cheese

Your choice of chips to mix or match (2) with yellow cheese and a side of jalapeños.

Mexican Elote (16oz)

Corn, butter, mayonnaise queso fresco, lime, and Chile (Add hot Cheetos for a twist!)


Sunflower Seeds



Mexican Soda

Enjoy the refreshing taste of authentic Mexican soda

Can Soda

Bottled Water